Battle against invasive gasfields in the Peel region far from over

  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2017: A large swath of the Peel region remains covered by gas leases despite a promise by the state government to ban fracking in the area. A free film and information night to discuss the issue is being organised for Wednesday October 11 at the Bortolo Pavillion in Greenfields starting at 6.15pm.   Continue reading

Landholders welcome fracking inquiry but say it’s not enough

TUESDAY, September 5, 2017: Landholders across the state have welcomed today’s long-awaited announcement of an inquiry into the fracking industry in WA but say it doesn't go far enough. Co-convenor of the Gasfield Free South West Alliance Kathy Thomson said her group welcomed the announcement for an inquiry but wanted to see more detail. Continue reading

Frack Free People’s Rally to send a message to the State Labor Conference this Saturday

 FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 2017: Landholders and other concerned citizens will be rallying outside the State Labor Party conference this weekend calling for action to halt fracking and other forms of invasive gasfield development in WA. As part of the event farmers from the South West, Peel, Swan Valley and Chittering will be bringing along fresh produce to show what WA stands to lose if the unconventional gas industry is allowed to go ahead. The rally will take place at 8.15am Crown Casino, Perth Saturday August 26. SW Labor MP Mick Murray will accept fresh produce from the farmers at 10am. Media are encouraged to attend the event.   Continue reading

Country Women in WA say No to fracking and unconventional gasfields

Media Release 26 July 2017 Country Women in WA say No to fracking and unconventional gasfields The Country Women’s Association of WA has today called for an end to fracking and unconventional gasfields in WA. The call came in the form of a motion put to the organisation’s state conference in Fremantle this morning from the Capel branch and follows a similar ban on any future unconventional gas exploration passed by the NSW branch of the CWA in May this year. Continue reading

“Relaxed” Stance on ‘Fracking For GST’ Deal Needs Clarification from Premier

Dongara farmer Rod Copeland has asked Premier McGowan to clarify his stance on any deals on fracking in GST discussions, after Treasurer Ben Wyatt said he was “relaxed” about Scott Morrison’s threat to cut GST to states unless they accept unconventional gas exploration. “I’m calling on the Premier to clarify his position, and rule out a link between GST and unconventional gasfields, instead of leaving communities like mine in limbo as we face the risks to our water, land and health from this invasive industry,” said Mr Copeland. Continue reading

Highway protests call for water protection from fracking threat

More than 30 actions are planned across WA for Saturday July 8 to protest at the State Government’s lack of action in protecting water resources from the unconventional gas industry.   The actions will involve groups of people taking to the highways with banners and signs in a colourful display of concern, with communities from the Kimberley to the South West calling for action to protect our precious water resources from contamination by fracking and other forms of unconventional gas extraction. Continue reading

Premier urged to rule out any dubious ‘fracking for GST’ deal

Lock the Gate Alliance has asked Premier McGowan to rule out any deals on fracking in GST discussions, after Treasurer Scott Morrison threatened to cut GST to states unless they accept unconventional gas exploration. “We’re calling on the Premier to reject the disgraceful attempt by Scott Morrison to force fracking on unwilling states and territories in return for GST revenue – which should instead be distributed on a fair and objective basis,” said Simone van Hattem from Lock the Gate Alliance. Continue reading

Alarm as Government releases 5yr plan to open more land to fracking despite promised moratorium

 FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017:  Landholders across WA have expressed alarm at plans by the WA Government to offer thousands of kilometres of additional land to the gas industry for exploration despite an election promise for a moratorium on fracking and a thorough inquiry into the industry.  The Government yesterday released maps showing new areas that it would offer up to the oil and gas industry for exploration and mining over the next five years.   Continue reading

Academic paper concludes 58 new gas wells needed for the Whicher Range Gasfield

 TUESDAY JUNE 20, 2017: A new academic paper on the tight gas reserves of the Whicher Range east of Margaret River suggests that the best way to get the problematic gas out of the ground is via a proliferation of wells. The paper presented to the Society of Petroleum Engineers at a conference in Saudi Arabia in April this year was put together by a team of academics including three from Curtin University. Continue reading

Call for new WA Premier to implement promise for a moratorium on fracking

MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2017: Lock the Gate Alliance has congratulated Labor Leader Mark McGowan on winning the State election and has called for him to implement his promise for a statewide moratorium on fracking and permanent fracking bans in key regions as soon as possible. In the lead-up to the election, Mr McGowan committed to permanently ban fracking from the South West, Peel and Perth regions and promised to introduce a state-wide ban on fracking until an independent inquiry could demonstrate it was safe. Continue reading