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Woodridge & Caraban Declared Gasfield Free!

Determined residents of Woodridge and Caraban sent a defiant message to politicians on Sunday the 8th of March when they officially declared their region Gasfield Free.

The two communities are among the latest in a long list of towns, farming localities and shires across WA and the nation who are standing up against invading fracking gasfields.

The declaration comes after a comprehensive community-lead survey resulted in more than 90 per cent of respondents voting to keep the shire of Gingin, of which Woodridge and Caraban are a part, fracking Gasfield Free.

The nearest gas licence to Woodridge is just 15km away, and Woodridge itself is 75km from the Perth CBD.

Local landholder Jenny Walker said fracking would threaten the region’s agricultural and tourism sectors.

“No one wants to holiday in a region pockmarked with fracking wells,” she said.

“We are also deeply concerned about the impact this dirty polluting industry could have on our underground water supplies. The Gingin Shire has the biggest horticultural industry of any shire in WA, and this could be at risk if fracking goes ahead here.

“Renewable energy is the future, not fossil fuels with massive amounts of leaking methane gas emissions. 

“Unconventional tight & shale gas is a polluting fuel that should not be allowed to put communities at risk.

"If the industry comes knocking on our doors, we are ready for them.  Our community has sent a strong message to the industry, that we will stand together to protect our wonderfully productive agricultural areas and the spirit of our community.

"Recently we have seen Bonnefield also declare, and very soon we will have Sovereign Hill and Redfield Park declaring too.  These communities will join an ever increasing chunk of the midwest and wheatbelt of WA protected from gasfields. 

"The Gasfield Free communities process really works and Lock the Gate helps our communities to undertake this across Australia!"

Woodridge residents celebrate the declaration together!

Local Woodridge survey coordinators celebrate the result!Local Woodridge survey coordinators celebrate the result!

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