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Media Releases

US EPA Reveals Unconventional Gas Industry Can Contaminate Water Supplies

December 14, 2016

Media Release - 14 December 2016 The US Environmental Protection Agency has overnight reversed its guidance and acknowledged unconventional gas mining can and has contaminated drinking water, a revelation set to create waves in the local industry[1], according to the Lock the Gate Alliance....

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99.4% of residents in Chittering say Yes to going Gasfield Free

December 05, 2016

99.4% of residents in Chittering say Yes to going Gasfield Free; Local Politicians Urged to Act The community of Chittering declared itself Gasfield Free at a celebration event yesterday (Sunday December 4), after an extensive process found 99.4% of residents surveyed wanted to make...

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Concern remains over gasfield risk to Swan Valley

November 11, 2016

Public meetings will be held in Ellenbrook, Midland, Mahogany Creek and Guilford next week to discuss ongoing concerns at plans for gasfields in the Swan Valley. The meetings organised by local residents from the The Vines, Swan Valley and surrounding areas, will discuss a...

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Brunswick goes Gasfield Free this Sunday

November 04, 2016

OCTOBER 4, 2016: The community of Brunswick Junction will declare itself Gasfield Free at a special event on Sunday November 6 in Channel Park, beginning at 11.30am. The declaration follows months of work that involved volunteers going house-to-house, road-by-road asking residents if they would...

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