June 19, 2020: New seismic surveys threaten Aboriginal Heritage and important ecology

Planned seismic surveys that will search for gas north of Perth threaten Aboriginal Heritage sites, important ecological communities, and tourism, according to Lock the Gate Alliance Western Australia.   Following a successful campaign that led to Western Australia’s Environmental Protection Authority agreeing to hold a public review in response to Beach Energy’s plan to conduct a seismic survey in the Mid West, Lock the Gate WA is now calling on the EPA to do the same for Mineral Resources’ “Raven” proposal.  Continue reading

May 14, 2020: Dandaragan - The community that fought off the frackers!

Former Dandaragan local Pauline Cook didn’t know whose driveway she had pulled into - until she saw the fancy car and the driver. Somehow, despite her and all her fellow convoy drivers becoming hopelessly lost, she’d managed to stop in front of the Cottesloe house of the then Western Australian Liberal Premier, Colin Barnett. Mrs Cook was part of a 60-strong ute-muster that had travelled from Bullsbrook, more than 50km away in February 2017, to protest plans by gas company Latent Petroleum to restart fracking near Dandaragan. Continue reading

EPA congratulated after announcing public review for gas-seeking seismic surveys

The possibilities of people power have been proven, with Western Australia’s Environmental Protection Authority agreeing to hold a public review over planned seismic surveys in the Mid West. There were 358 submissions in response to the Beach Energy plan, with 350 of those calling for a public review.  Continue reading

Strong opposition to EPA conducting Mid West seismic surveys in secret

THURSDAY, April 16, 2020: Hundreds of concerned Western Australians have called on the state’s Environmental Protection Authority to publicly and transparently assess the massive 97,000 hectare 3D seismic testing plan for the Mid West. The surveys, which are looking for gas, would stretch across the shires of Irwin, Three Springs, Mingenew, and Carnamah. Up to 1000 hectares of vegetation would also be cleared just for the seismic trucks to pass through. Continue reading

Woodridge & Caraban Declared Gasfield Free!

Determined residents of Woodridge and Caraban sent a defiant message to politicians on Sunday the 8th of March when they officially declared their region Gasfield Free. The two communities are among the latest in a long list of towns, farming localities and shires across WA and the nation who are standing up against invading fracking gasfields. Continue reading

Suspicion cast over huge new proposed gas surveys in WA’s northern Perth Basin

WEDNESDAY, April 2 2020: Geological surveys for gas in the northern Perth Basin are likely a back-door way for the Western Australia Government to facilitate fracking in the region, according to Lock the Gate Alliance. The surveys would cover a massive area of land, stretching about 97,000 hectares across the shires of Irwin, Three Springs, Mingenew, and Carnamah. Up to 1000 hectares of vegetation would also be cleared just for the seismic work. Continue reading

Alarm over groundwater contamination at Beharra Springs

FRIDAY, November 1, 2019: Lock the Gate Alliance has expressed grave concern at company reports showing that an evaporation pond at the Beharra Springs Gas facility, which overlies the Yarragadee Aquifer, has contaminated local groundwater supplies in the Mid-West of WA. The details came to light in an environmental plan for the expansion of the gas facility, which is now owned by Beach Energy. The water contamination event took place as a result of gas activities by Origin Energy. Continue reading

Labor Member for Swan Hills Jessica Shaw calls for a state-wide ban on fracking

Swan Hills Labor MP Jessica Shaw has affirmed her support for a ban on fracking in Western Australia. The pledge was made at a public meeting in Swan Hills last night, organised by local residents. “During the State election, I repeatedly expressed my opposition to fracking. My views haven’t changed. I have grave concerns that it will compromise the environment, ground water, public health and will contribute adversely to climate change. The people of Western Australia should not have to wear the risks”, Ms Shaw told the meeting. Continue reading

Premier called on to explain appointment of APPEA director as strategic adviser

FRIDAY, April 20, 2018: Lock the Gate Alliance has expressed alarm at the appointment of a director of the pro-fracking Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association to a senior position as a strategic adviser on WA Premier Mark McGowan’s staff. The appointment comes amid growing public concern over the risks of fracking to land, water and health and as the government prepares to decide whether to give fracking the green light.   Continue reading

SW Oil & Gas industry leader’s fracking comments alarm local landholders

THURSDAY, April 12, 2018: Comments by mining company contractor and Yallingup winery owner Steve Tobin that the current fracking bans were “holding back” conventional onshore gas development has alarmed local landholders in the South West. A spokesperson for the Gasfield Free SW Alliance Carly Stone said the comments showed how promises that conventional gas development would be less risky, by not involving fracking, rang hallow. Continue reading