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Communities have come together for over ten years to push for a ban on fracking across WA and have had great wins along the way!
But now, WA’s iconic Kimberley region is in the firing line.

Fracking companies want to open up the Kimberley for oil and gas extraction which would industrialise the region’s world-renowned landscapes and release millions of tonnes of climate destroying CO2 and methane. We can’t let this happen. Help keep the Kimberley frack free!

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Kimberley Under Threat

The Kimberley region has some of the largest, intact, natural landscapes left in the world. It has globally significant wetlands, free-flowing river systems and pristine oceans, and provides refuge for threatened wildlife that have disappeared from most of Australia.  The Kimberley is also a culturally rich region, home to a living Aboriginal culture that is tens of thousands of years old. But all this is at risk. This iconic region in North West WA has been identified as having some of the largest untapped shale gas and tight sands gas reserves in the world, and companies are gearing up to frack for gas. Read more...

Fracking Gasfield Risks

In Western Australia the majority of unconventional gas is found in shale beds and tight sandstone rock strata, unlike Eastern Australia where most unconventional gas deposits are found in coal seams. Shale and tight gasfields involve the industrialisation of entire landscapes with numerous closely spaced wells. Read more...

Ban fracking in the Kimberley- before it’s too late

Western Australia’s iconic Kimberley region is under threat from fracking!

Communities, culture and natural wonders are all at risk from oil and gas developments.

We can't let them destroy this iconic place! Add your voice to the call for a fracking ban.


Premier Cook - the Kimberley is too precious to open up to fracking oil & gasfields. Fracking puts the Kimberley’s environmental diversity and cultures at risk.

Don’t leave people in a sacrifice zone. If fracking is too risky for the people of the South West, Perth and Peel regions where it’s banned, it’s too risky for the Kimberley and the rest of WA too.

We call on you to ban fracking in the Kimberley.

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