Premier urged to rule out any dubious ‘fracking for GST’ deal

Lock the Gate Alliance has asked Premier McGowan to rule out any deals on fracking in GST discussions, after Treasurer Scott Morrison threatened to cut GST to states unless they accept unconventional gas exploration. “We’re calling on the Premier to reject the disgraceful attempt by Scott Morrison to force fracking on unwilling states and territories in return for GST revenue – which should instead be distributed on a fair and objective basis,” said Simone van Hattem from Lock the Gate Alliance. Continue reading

Alarm as Government releases 5yr plan to open more land to fracking despite promised moratorium

 FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017:  Landholders across WA have expressed alarm at plans by the WA Government to offer thousands of kilometres of additional land to the gas industry for exploration despite an election promise for a moratorium on fracking and a thorough inquiry into the industry.  The Government yesterday released maps showing new areas that it would offer up to the oil and gas industry for exploration and mining over the next five years.   Continue reading

Academic paper concludes 58 new gas wells needed for the Whicher Range Gasfield

 TUESDAY JUNE 20, 2017: A new academic paper on the tight gas reserves of the Whicher Range east of Margaret River suggests that the best way to get the problematic gas out of the ground is via a proliferation of wells. The paper presented to the Society of Petroleum Engineers at a conference in Saudi Arabia in April this year was put together by a team of academics including three from Curtin University. Continue reading

Call for new WA Premier to implement promise for a moratorium on fracking

MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2017: Lock the Gate Alliance has congratulated Labor Leader Mark McGowan on winning the State election and has called for him to implement his promise for a statewide moratorium on fracking and permanent fracking bans in key regions as soon as possible. In the lead-up to the election, Mr McGowan committed to permanently ban fracking from the South West, Peel and Perth regions and promised to introduce a state-wide ban on fracking until an independent inquiry could demonstrate it was safe. Continue reading

Margaret River Wineries Join the Call to Lock the Gate to Unconventional Gas on the Eve of the Election

 FRIDAY MARCH 10, 2017: More than a dozen of Margaret Rivers’ top wineries have weighed into the fracking and onshore gas debate in the south west signing a pledge not to support the unconventional gas industry. The move comes just one day before WA goes to the polls and is a sign of how fracking and unconventional gas development has become a major election issue. Continue reading

Nannas knit up a storm and a Gasfield Free gift for the WA Premier

 FRIDAY MARCH 10, 2017: The Knitting Nannas Against Gas will today (Friday March 10) attempt to present WA Premier Colin Barnett with a special gift from the people of the South West. The gift is a photograph taken by a drone of 300 south west residents who came together on February 26 to spell out a special Gasfield Free WA message for Mr Barnett. Continue reading

Fracking scorecard shows political parties’ real colours

THURSDAY MARCH 9, 2017: With just days to the WA state poll, Lock the Gate Alliance has released an updated scorecard detailing where the political parties stand on fracking and on shore gasfields. Lock the Gate and local communities have asked all political parties to support a state-wide moratorium on unconventional gas, permanent protection in key areas and the right for landholders and Traditional Owners to say no. Continue reading

Filmmaker sends 200 anti-fracking DVDs to political candidates across WA

 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 2017: Copies of two West Australian produced documentaries on fracking have been sent to 100 political candidates in marginal seats across WA in an 11th hour bid to ensure the issue remains high on the political agenda. The mail out was initiated by Margaret River filmmaker Richard Todd who has weighed into the fracking debate in WA following the release of his acclaimed documentary Frackman. Continue reading

Stirling Estate Goes Gasfield Free

THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 2017: The community of Stirling Estate in the Shire of Capel will declare itself Gasfield Free at a celebration in Mallokup Road at 9.30am this Saturday (March 4). The event hosted by Stirling Estate Gasfield Free and the Capel Country Women’s Association group comes just one week before the state election and is designed to show voters and political candidates how local residents feel about the development of gasfields in their district. Continue reading

City of Busselton gets its first Gasfield Free Community as 100s prepare to spell out a gasfield free message

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 26, 2017: The south west community of Quedjinup will declare itself Gasfield Free at a special celebration at the Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp in Dunsborough this morning (Sunday February 26) at 10.30am. The celebration will be followed in the afternoon by a mass gathering on the Boyanup Oval in the Shire of Capel to spell out a Gasfield Free message to the Premier. Continue reading