Strike's Gas Processing Plant and Pipeline

Your chance to comment! West Erregulla Gas Processing Plant and Pipeline

The EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) are seeking public feedback on plans for a gas production project in the Mid West, adjacent to farmland between Dongara, Mingenew and Three Springs.

Comments must be lodged by Thursday night, 10 June 2021.

You can do that online here:

Make sure you tick Assess - Public Environmental Review on the form.

What is being proposed?

The project constitutes a significant expansion of onshore gasfields in WA, alongside the nearby Waitsia Gas Plant in the Mid West south east of Geraldton. This gas processing plant, which will be classified as a Major Hazard Facility, will process gas from new wells that Strike Energy and Warrego Energy are developing in the surrounding area, and transport the gas to the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP).  Fracking is not banned in the petroleum exploration lease covering and surrounding this project.

If it all goes ahead, the proponent ‘AGI Operations’, says it will run for at least 60 years. This means expanding gas wells for that time, with a very high likelihood of having to frack to get at the unconventional gas in the area once the conventional gas dries up.

The gas plant will use groundwater from the Yarragadee Aquifer, use hazardous materials, and create air pollution.

The proposal includes a gas processing facility , a 16.5 km interconnecting buried gas pipeline, and supporting infrastructure for the pipeline, power generation, flare system (burning off of gas), incinerator, fire water system, water treatment package, and back-up diesel system in an area of 213 ha.

The EPA is asking the public IF they should assess it, and at which level. The highest level of assessment is a Public Environmental Review, which would ensure the assessment isn’t just a private affair between the gas industry and the EPA, and community members and independent organisations can also review the project.

Here are some things you might want to raise in your comment about why you want a PER.

Make sure you tick Assess - Public Environmental Review on the form. Then click Continue, and then Submit on the next page.

  • It will take millions if not billions of litres of groundwater from the Yarragadee Aquifer, which is a water resource relied upon by rural and urban communities across the Mid West, the Wheatbelt and even Perth. The company has stated it will drain at least 438,000,000 litres from one bore, but also mentions additional water from ‘other sources’, so the total amount is completely unknown and could be much much higher. There is also a risk of water contamination. We can’t afford to risk this crucial resource.
  • The company has not submitted anything regarding air quality to the EPA. An air quality assessment must include health-damaging fine particulate pollution with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less (known as PM2.5). With a gas processing plant (that will operate as a Major Hazard Facility) and supporting infrastructure, including the well sites with their infrastructure (cumulative impacts) there will be significant PM2.5 emissions. An Operations Environment Plan must be assessed by the EPA.
  • Social surroundings (ie neighbouring farms and communities) will be impacted by noise, vibration, dust and light due to a large increase in truck and other vehicles and the construction and operation of the gas plant and pipeline. There is also an increased fire risk. These impacts must be assessed.
  • There is no modelling of the likely substantial escape of fugitive methane emissions , which in Australia are underestimated compared to actual figures from US gasfields. This project will lead to large deliberate and fugitive emissions of methane, adding to climate change. Gas is not needed or useful as a source of energy: we have the technology we need to replace gas with renewable energy sources. 
  • Gas plants and gasfields are harmful to health.
  • It will clear close to 100 hectares of native bushland, fragmenting this very biodiverse landscape, home to unique and threatened birds and mammals.

Add a little about where you live and why you care about this area to personalise it!

Click continue, then Submit on the second page to complete your comment.



See all the Supporting Documentation that the company has submitted so far on the EPA website here, under 1. Referral (click on it to see).

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Take Action: Stop fracking project in the Kimberley

Texan fracking company Black Mountain (Bennett Resources is their subsidiary) is proposing to drill and frack 20 wells, up to 1000 fracks, in the Fitzroy River Catchment in the Kimberley.

Tell the EPA today why you object to this project, and that you want it assessed as a Public Environmental Review (PER). Make sure to Click 'Submit' on the final page after clicking continue.

Read more
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Sept 2020: Protect our Iconic Natural Heritage Places

There is a public comment period open until 31 January 2020, to have a say on natural heritage places that need to be protected from fracking.

Protect our farmlands and other iconic areas: More info here

Protect important ecological areas in the Kimberley: More info here

See the Government's consultation paper with a map of the small areas proposed as natural heritage(pdf).

See the WA Government's fracking consultation website in order to make your own direct submission (you can do this as well as the form submissions).

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May 2020: Waitsia stage 2: make a comment to the EPA

Make a comment/submission: Waitsia Gas Project

The EPA is seeking public feedback on Mitsui/AWE Perth Pty Ltd’s plans for the Waitsia Gas Project. The project is for the production of the Waitsia gasfield through 6 new gas wells, a new gas processing plant, waste water reinjection and flowlines/pipelines amongst farmland just 16km from Dongara-Port Denison townsites in WA’s Mid West. We’ve made a short guide to help you make a submission.

Comments must be lodged by Thursday 7 May 2020.

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AUGUST 2020: EPA comment closes tonight

Valhalla North siteTexan fracking company Black Mountain (Bennett Resources is their subsidiary) is proposing to drill and frack 20 wells, up to 1000 fracks, in the Fitzroy River Catchment in the Kimberley.

Tell the EPA today why you object to this project, and that you want it assessed as a Public Environmental Review (PER). Make sure to Click 'Submit' on the final page after clicking continue.





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JULY 2020: Snap action for the Kimberley

Join us this Friday, for a socially distanced snap action in Perth to tell Premier McGowan to stop this multinational company from fracking the Kimberley!

Last week, Texan fracking company Black Mountain blatantly announced plans to drill 6 new wells and frack in the Kimberley, near the Fitzroy River.

This project could lead to thousands of fracking wells across the Kimberley region.

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Don't Frack WA - Democracy in the Pub

Monday 8 April

6pm-7.30pm East Victoria Park

Don't Frack WA - Democracy in the Pub

Read more and RSVP here on our website, and share/rsvp on facebook here.

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February 2019 Perth events

Tuesday 12 February

11.30am-1pm. Parliament House Perth: Meet at the Parliament steps on the city side.

Dirty Dozen Anti-Fracking Stunt

Join us for a stunt at Parliament House Perth for the first sitting day of state parliament to send a strong anti-fracking message to our MPs. We have had just 12 fracking wells drilled since 2004 and in the past five years alone we have had 21 serious spills at those sites. Already we have had a fracking company go belly-up in the Kimberley leaving tax payers to foot the bill for the clean-up.
We need at least 12 people to join us for some street theatre. BYO mops, buckets, brooms and cleaning cloths as we clean up the fracking mess on front of parliament. We will have a fracking well and black plastic liner. We will also have white Hazchem suits and dust masks.
If you are going to be part of the stunt please come early by 11.15.

RSVP on Facebook:


Wednesday 13 February

6.45 to 8.30pm - Replants, 96 Wray Avenue, Fremantle

Fracking Information Night & film night

Join us to find out what the McGowan Government's decision to allow fracking in WA means and how you can help protect our precious state from the fracking industry.

Come along and meet members of the Fremantle based Gasfield Free Metro Action Group and see if you would like to help the fight to protect land, water, health and climate stability in WA by taking part in the group or upcoming events or simply learn more about the issue.

We need to build the movement and need people with almost any skill you can think of. If you are committed to a Frack Free WA we need you.

Whether you are already part of a Frack Free/Gasfield Free group, or are getting involved for the first time, come along.

Refreshments included. Entry by donation, to help cover costs, if you can.

RSVP on facebook:


Sunday 17 February

9am to 4pm Hazelmere Hall, Bushmead Rd, Hazelmere (near Midland)

Frack Free campaign skill share

Read more and RSVP here on our website, and share/rsvp on facebook here.

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Don't Frack WA actions

On Tuesday the WA Government lifted the fracking moratorium and paved the way for fracking across more than 5 million hectares of our state.

It is an appalling decision that we will fight with everything we’ve got.  There’s no balance here – they’ve basically given the gas industry carte blanche across most existing gas leases.

Can you join us for snap actions THIS SUNDAY to push back against this disastrous move:

Sunday 2 December

Perth 10am City Beach, north end of carpark on the grass.

Badgingarra 1pm  Badgingarra Oval area.

Geraldton 4pm  north end of foreshore near Jaffle Shack.

Broome 5pm Cable Beach near Zanders.

The only regions that will be protected from fracking are the South West, Perth and the Dampier Peninsula. That’s great for those regions, but if fracking is unsafe there, it’s unsafe everywhere.

The government said on Tuesday that farmers and Traditional Owners will have veto rights, but we’ve since learnt there’ll be NO VETO on exploratory fracking and it won’t apply to pastoral leaseholders at all.

So, we need to push back hard and fast, and we need you there with us.  Please come along THIS SUNDAY and show them that we simply won’t stand for this.

There’s been massive condemnation of this decision from all quarters - from the union movement to farmers to Kimberley Traditional Owners.

The Premier has attempted to paint this as a balanced decision, but you only need to read the gas industry response to see that they take this as a massive greenlight for fracking.

If we push back hard and fast we can put a big dent in this disastrous decision.

Let’s make it clear the only outcome the community will accept is a state-wide ban on fracking.

We need your help to ramp up efforts to stand against the frackers. Please add what you can into the WA fighting fund.

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Snap Actions across WA

Yesterday The Sunday Times reported that the WA Government was about to give fracking the greenlight across much of WA.

We hope that these reports are wrong but if they are accurate then we need to remind the WA Government that fracking is not needed or wanted in WA.

Monday 26 November.

We are calling a Snap Action at Parliament House Perth THIS evening. Please come if you can. Numbers matter in this community stand to protect our land, our water, our health and our climate stability. Community action groups have also called actions in Broome, Exmouth and Bullsbrook at 5pm today, and Geraldton at 12.30pm today.


5pm – 6pm

Parliament House, Harvest Tce, West Perth

Meet on city side at steps.

Facebook event:



Outside Darren West's office, 84 Marine Tce, Geraldton

Photo with sign for a ban on fracking to send to McGowan, and a thank you to Darren for supporting a ban.

Facebook event:



Entrance Point, Broome

Photo opp to send message to McGowan.

Facebook event:



Ethel Warren Centre, Bullsbrook

Photo opp to send message to McGowan.

Facebook event:



Federation Park, Exmouth

Photo opp to send message to McGowan.

Facebook event:

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