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Don't Frack WA actions

On Tuesday the WA Government lifted the fracking moratorium and paved the way for fracking across more than 5 million hectares of our state.

It is an appalling decision that we will fight with everything we’ve got.  There’s no balance here – they’ve basically given the gas industry carte blanche across most existing gas leases.

Can you join us for snap actions THIS SUNDAY to push back against this disastrous move:

Sunday 2 December

Perth 10am City Beach, north end of carpark on the grass.

Badgingarra 1pm  Badgingarra Oval area.

Geraldton 4pm  north end of foreshore near Jaffle Shack.

Broome 5pm Cable Beach near Zanders.

The only regions that will be protected from fracking are the South West, Perth and the Dampier Peninsula. That’s great for those regions, but if fracking is unsafe there, it’s unsafe everywhere.

The government said on Tuesday that farmers and Traditional Owners will have veto rights, but we’ve since learnt there’ll be NO VETO on exploratory fracking and it won’t apply to pastoral leaseholders at all.

So, we need to push back hard and fast, and we need you there with us.  Please come along THIS SUNDAY and show them that we simply won’t stand for this.

There’s been massive condemnation of this decision from all quarters - from the union movement to farmers to Kimberley Traditional Owners.

The Premier has attempted to paint this as a balanced decision, but you only need to read the gas industry response to see that they take this as a massive greenlight for fracking.

If we push back hard and fast we can put a big dent in this disastrous decision.

Let’s make it clear the only outcome the community will accept is a state-wide ban on fracking.

We need your help to ramp up efforts to stand against the frackers. Please add what you can into the WA fighting fund.

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