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City gig to spread anti-fracking awareness and protect the Kimberley

Members of WA’s prestigious music scene will jam against the frack-man this month at a free gig to raise awareness about the growing threat fracking projects pose to the Kimberley.

The free Music in the Park event will be held on April 23 at Hyde Park in Perth.

Artists include rising star, Banjo Lucia, (daughter of John Butler and Mama Kin), along with talented local artists Anna Schneider, Georga Raath, and former Broome local, Tanya Ransom.

There will also be Kimberley-based speakers who will explain what’s at stake if the fracking industry is able to gain a foothold in the region.

Anna Schneider said, “The threat fracking poses to the Kimberley is increasing every day, with the McGowan Government recently granting approval to Buru Energy to clear native vegetation so it can conduct seismic testing without so much as an environmental assessment.

“I’m playing at the Music in the Park gig to help take the message about what is happening near Broome to the people of Perth.

“The more people in the city that know about how fracking companies are gearing up to trash the precious Kimberley, the greater the chance that we can stop it before it’s too late.”

Lock the Gate WA coordinator Claire McKinnon said, “The McGowan Government is progressing fracking projects that, if given final approval, could lead to thousands of frack wells drilled across the Kimberley’s beautiful landscape.

“The insidious nature of the fracking industry means that if we don’t stop it now, before the government waves these projects through, it could be too late.

“In Queensland, where the unconventional gas industry was able to gain a foothold in the early 2000s, it has spread like a festering sore, and there are now more than 10,000 gaswells. Farmland is sinking, water bores are running dry, and tremendous amounts of climate chaos causing methane is being pumped into the atmosphere. 

“We can’t let that happen to the Kimberley.”

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