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Alarm as fracking company hits another problem with Mid West Warro well

Just days after starting its controversial fracking program near Badgingarra Transerv Energy has had to report a problem with its Warro 5 fracking well to the Australian Stock Exchange.

 The company reported that it was “commencing a fishing operation” to retrieve a pipe stuck down its more than 2km deep hole.

Coordinator of the Frack Free Mid West-Gascoyne Alliance Jo Franklin expressed alarm at the latest problem with the Warro field.

“This issue, just over a week into the latest drilling program, follows two earlier failed attempts to frack the gas field that resulted in the drilling rigs hitting fault lines and high pressure aquifers,” Ms Franklin said.

“In both those cases the company had to quickly plug the holes and run.

“Here we go again. Another fracked well another problem. Why are these operators allowed to use their risky techniques anywhere near our precious ground water supplies and our valuable farmland.

“It certainly does not give us much confidence that the industry has much of a clue about what it’s doing and where it’s going. If it can lose a pipe down the hole what about the damage it might do to our groundwater?

“Fracking is not safe and it is not necessary. These companies come into the region, drill through our water supplies, fracture rocks deep underground and then inject dangerous chemicals into the earth. And they do all this just to make a quick few dollars on a short-term industry. It's the local landholders and the taxpayers of WA who will be left with the long-term legacy of any damage.

“It make no economic, social or environmental sense to put land, water and health at risk for this unsafe industry.”

Transerv reported the problem to the ASX yesterday and said that it had drilled down more than 2km, some of that at an angle to reach an underground area 500m to the west of its drilling rig.

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