Take Action: EPA comment closes tonight for first fracking application in WA under McGowan

First fracking application in WA under McGowan - COMMENTS CLOSE TONIGHT (Friday 14 Aug)

Valhalla North siteTexan fracking company Black Mountain(Bennett Resources is their subsidiary) is proposing to drill and frack 6 wells in the Kimberley. The project is to take place in Exploration Permit 371 approximately 123km southeast of Derby, within the Shire of Derby. This area has been fracked by Buru in 2015 where radioactive water came to the surface as a result.

This is the first blatant fracking plan in the state under the McGowan Government. The companies exploring in the Kimberley liken the amount of gas there to areas of the US where tens of thousands of wells have been fracked. It starts with a few, and quickly expands.

You have a chance to make sure this dangerous project receives a high amount of scrutiny. The EPA has given the public days to comment on what level of assessment this fracking project should have. Submissions close at midnight this Friday 14th August - TONIGHT!

Please make your quick objection to the EPA here. 

Here is some information to help: 

We recommend the project goes to a Public Environmental Review (PER). Ask for this by choosing - “Assess: Public Environmental Review” on the comment page.

Key points:

  • Each of the 6 exploration wells will be drilled to depths of 2 to 4km, and 1.5km horizontally, then hydraulically fractured up to 50 times each, at high pressure with a mixture of chemicals, sand and water.
  • Radioactive water is known to come up as wastewater after fracking operations, including two of the wells previously fracked in this same area in 2015.
  • Water storage and contamination with the use of open ponds is a high risk, as ponds could flood in cyclone season.
  • The company has been meeting with the EPA since April 2020. There is a high level of public interest and it’s important community members get the chance to be involved in a Public Environmental Review.
  • Implementation of recommendations from the Scientific Inquiry have not been completed.
  • The code of practice and right of veto for both Traditional Owners and private landholders has not been completed and is not due to be completed before March 2021.

Fracking should be banned, but the WA Government has yet to do that in large swathes of WA including the Kimberley, Wheatbelt and Mid West.

Please click through to the EPA form now to make your quick objection.

You can find more information about Black Mountain (subsidiary: Bennett Resources) plans to frack 6 wells, likely horizontally drilled, and fracked up to 50 times each, hereFind the Supporting Documents by clicking on “1. Referral”. “Section 38 Referral Supporting Document” and the other document is the appendixes. 

For more ways to help stop fracking across WA:

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