From Broome to Bunbury and beyond, vast areas of Western Australia are covered in petroleum exploration licenses! Read more about the regions under threat from fracking and unconventional gasfields in WA...

Landholders and communities across WA are locking the gate to companies wanting to develop shale and tight gas across our farmlands, water supply areas and iconic natural landscapes.

After years studying the health and environmental risks and harms, the state of Victoria, other countries around the world including Ireland, and states in the US including New York State rightly concluded that fracking is not safe and banned it. Hundreds of new peer-reviewed scientific studies in the last 5 years have confirmed that fracking is dangerous and harmful. Fracking isn’t safe anywhere and must be stopped everywhere.

Along with local, regional and national partners, we are working to educate people, build the movement and stop fracking. Join the movement today to help put an end to this destructive practice. Take action. Join the movement, and/or volunteer.

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    Alarm over groundwater contamination at Beharra Springs

    FRIDAY, November 1, 2019: Lock the Gate Alliance has expressed grave concern at company reports showing that an evaporation pond at the Beharra Springs Gas facility, which overlies the Yarragadee Aquifer, has contaminated local groundwater supplies in the Mid-West of WA.

    The details came to light in an environmental plan for the expansion of the gas facility, which is now owned by Beach Energy. The water contamination event took place as a result of gas activities by Origin Energy.

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