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Mid West community Dandaragan declares itself Gasfield Free

Resized_20161215_172408_001.jpgAnother community in Mid West WA has declared itself gasfield free, after an extensive door-to-door survey of Dandaragan residents found 96.4% wanted to keep their region gasfield free.

Local farmers took the final tally of the results along with their declaration of intent to protect their community from gasfields to the Shire of Dandaragan offices in Jurien Bay on December 15. The local landholders presented their declaration to Shire President Leslee Holmes, as well as asking several questions of councilors during question time.


Farmer Ian Minty, 77, one of the coordinators of the survey in Dandaragan, says local volunteers went door-to-door, farm-to-farm, to survey their neighbours, and results are similar to two other communities within the Shire of Dandaragan that have declared themselves gasfield free: Jurien Bay (90.5%) and Cervantes (93%).


“The level of opposition to fracking shown by the surveys of three communities within our shire must send a powerful message to the gas fracking companies that there is no social license for them to operate here,” said Mr Minty.

“The results show that Dandaragan is overwhelmingly united in their call for their region to be Gasfield Free.

Dandaragan farmer Zac Roberts is concerned about the future of his community and young family.


“When our way of life is threatened, along with the pollution of our water, soil and air, it is important for all our community to stand together and stop unconventional gas before it was too late,” Mr Roberts said.


“On February 3 our community is hosting a declaration ceremony in Dandaragan, to celebrate our community standing together in solidarity against this threat.

David Cook, a fifth generation farmer in Dandaragan said that farming and unconventional gas extraction cannot go hand in hand.


“Clean uncontaminated water is essential for all life and especially so in our Dandaragan district where we produce lamb, beef, potatoes, oranges, olives and other crops for Perth and other markets,” Mr Cook said.


“With our land and water threatened by the gas industry, we have to act quickly to protect our food bowl for now and the future.


Dandaragan is included in two gas exploration permit areas that cover a large section of the Central Midlands and the Mid West.

Dandaragan has become the latest in over 415 communities around Australia who have declared themselves gasfield free.


The community declaration will take place at 6pm Friday February 3, at Dandaragan DCRC (Club) on Dandaragan Road. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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