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Landholders celebrate Labor Party’s call for a moratorium on fracking

The Frack Free Mid West Gascoyne Alliance has welcomed today’s decision by the State Labor Party to support a statewide moratorium on fracking.

The decision was made at the party’s state conference in Perth today.

Coordinator for the FFMWGA Irene Ghannage said the decision demonstrated the strength of concern about fracking in the community.

“The Labor Party has listened to the concerns of West Australians, particularly those in rural and regional WA and has come out in support of land, water and health over the short-term interests of the fracking industry,” Ms Ghannage said.

“In the Mid West we are ground zero for fracking in WA and communities across our region are saying they don’t want to live in an industrialised gas field.

“Fracking is unsafe and unnecessary and presents an unacceptable risk to groundwater and human health.

“A moratorium will put the brakes on this industry and give landholders and communities a chance to really evaluate whether they are willing to take the risk to allow fracking to proceed.

“It is the breathing space communities need to really investigate the full impact of this technology. Right now the fracking industry does not have a social licence to operate in the Mid West yet the industry is bullying its way into our communities.”

Irwin landholder and mango grower Rod Copeland said the decision was “surely a game changer and a great outcome for all people in WA”.

“As a farmer in the Midwest I welcome the policy announcement by Mark McGowan and the Labor Party, as the probable next state government of WA and their recognition of community concerns about fracking and its impact on the environment and our precious underground water resources," Mr Copeland said.


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