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Western Australia’s iconic Kimberley region is under threat from fracking!

Australia's Kimberley region has some of the largest, intact, natural landscapes left in the world. It has globally significant wetlands, free-flowing river systems and pristine oceans, and provides refuge for threatened wildlife that have disappeared from most of Australia.   

Traditional Owners are opposing fracking in the Kimberley - defending their land, water and culture.

Mangala Martu Traditional Custodian Nuriah Jadai says:

“We are a very spiritual people and we’ve been here a very long time, thousands of years, and we know how to look after the country, we know how to look after the animals and the plants, and the water.

“We stand for a frack free Kimberley and a frack free Australia … our voice is not going to stop … let’s tell them to frack off and leave this Kimberley alone!”

Minister Plibersek,

The Kimberley's communities, culture and natural wonders are all at risk from industrialisation by oil and gas companies who want to exploit the region.

As Federal Environment Minister, you have the power to assess these projects under Australia’s Federal environment laws.

We’re calling on you to reject proposals to frack for oil and gas in the Kimberley

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