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Take action now! Geraldton, can you contact your MP?

Thanks for taking action to protect Geraldton from fracking. It’s important that all of our elected representatives stand up for Geraldton and the Mid West. Don’t you agree?

Is your MP willing to stand up for the protection of our water from fracking?

Right now political parties are forming their plans for the next term of government and they need to hear from their constituents about the issues that you care about!

Did you know fracking is banned in the South West, but NOT in Greater Geraldton and the Mid West and Wheatbelt? And that gas companies are actively exploring in our area?

Contact your local Member of Parliament Tips

  • Engage respectfully at all times.
  • You are NOT there to argue with your MP or candidate - you are there to confirm their position on the below issues.
  • You may not get to speak to your MP or candidate directly. That’s OK, you can ask the staff to schedule a call or meeting with your MP or you may be able to find them at a local community event or market.

Some supporters have already called their MPs and got great results!

Will you ask them two easy questions?

1. Should our Mid West water resources be protected for communities, food and fibre production?
2. Do you support a fracking ban over the whole Greater Geraldton area?

Geraldton contacts:

MP for Geraldton - Ian Blayney - Nationals - Call 08 9964 1640 or email [email protected]

Candidate for Geraldton - Lara Dalton - Labor - Call or txt 0474 467 722 or email [email protected]

Candidate for Geraldton - Rob Dines - Liberal - Call or txt 0498 027 129 or email [email protected]

If you want to talk through the talking points before you call don’t hesitate to contact the Frack Free Mid West Coordinator Simone at [email protected]