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Gas and oil land release cements WA reputation as climate pariah

Lock the Gate Alliance condemns the WA Cook Government’s release of thousands of square kilometres for oil and gas exploration across the state. 

“At a time when WA should be transitioning to a renewable energy powered economy as quickly as possible, the Cook Government is digging in its heels in support of fossil gas,” said LTGA WA spokesperson Simone van Hattem.

“The largest of these tenements is a staggering 7,070 square kilometres in size - that’s about three times the size of the ACT.

“Unconventional or not, gas projects are fueling the climate emergency. These projects will also industrialise rural and regional communities and harm the environment. In the Kimberley, Buru Energy has cleared tens of thousands of kilometres through the most intact savannah woodland in the world, all in pursuit of what it claims to be “conventional” gas.

“This new land release extends close to the spectacular Edgar Range, where scenic tourism flights are often conducted. No one is going to want to take a scenic flight over a gas development.

“Unlike other states, the WA Cook Government has no 2030 emissions reduction goals. This release of thousands of square kilometres to oil and gas companies indicates it has no plan to get with the 21st century and decarbonise.

“The severity of the climate crisis means governments must act now, or West Australians will face worsening severe weather events including unbearable heatwaves and unprecedented droughts.”


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