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Eneabba-Warradarge Community Meeting

While the new state government has imposed a temporary ban on 'hydraulic fracture stimulation' in our region (Mid West, Turquoise Coast and Midlands) while they run an inquiry, it hasn’t banned exploration for tight and shale gas, or other forms of gas extraction.

Join us on Thursday evening January 11 at the Eneabba Recreational and Sporting Centre, Eneabba Drive, Eneabba.

In response to some local community member requests, we have organised a community meeting to update you on the latest, and discuss what we can do to protect the area long term, like other communities have achieved across Australia (including now a full ban on unconventional gas exploration and production in the whole state of Victoria). We'll also give a quick update on the WA Fracking Inquiry that's open for submissions till 19 March.

Come along and see how you can protect our land, water and health. It will be a relaxed evening where updates will be provided, and there will be refreshments (supper) organised by local volunteers.

Eneabba-Warradarge Community Meeting
Thursday 11 January
5pm till 6.30pm
Eneabba Recreational and Sporting Centre
Eneabba Drive, Eneabba

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