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Burns Beach

Live in or near the Burns Beach electorate and concerned about fracking?

Please contact your local member, Mr Mark Folkard MP

Ph: (08) 9305 4099

Email: [email protected]

Calling politicians is easy and incredibly powerful. Remember to be polite to the receptionist or staff member who picks up the phone.

You can do this!

Here are some talking points:

  • Hi there, my name is XXXX, I'm from XXXX.
  • I'm calling today to express my support for a full ban on fracking in WA. Would you be able to take a message?
  • I am very concerned about the negative impact that fracking would have on our precious water, our air and our existing WA industries like agriculture and tourism.
  • Other states and countries have banned fracking - I think we should do the same here. Can you get back to me with information on where Mr Mark Folkard stands on this issue?
  • Thank you for your time.