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Burekup, Roelands community concerned about gas industry invasion

 JUNE 2, 2016:More than 100 people turned out at a meeting in Burekup on June 1 to discuss the risks of unconventional gas mining. 

Spokesperson for Gas Free South West Jodi Larke said the meeting was empowering and demonstrated the strength of concern in the local community about the risks to land, water and health posed by the gas industry.


“The local community expressed their concern and vowed to work together to protect their land and water,” Ms Larke said.

“With a gas exploration permit about to be issued covering parts of the Busselton, Bunbury and the shires of Capel, Dardanup and Donnybrook-Balingup, the community is concerned about what the future for this region might look like if the industry gets a foothold here.

“The community of Burekup and Roelands wants a future that is clean and green where water supplies are protected from contamination and overuse by an invasive and short term industry.

“The community is more interested in a future based on renewable energy than gas mining.

 “There are also health concerns and concerns that an industrialised gas field could impact heavily on farming and the production of good quality, fresh food.

  “The attendees who came from Burekup, Roelands and surrounds unanimously agreed that they want to keep their communities gasfield free,” Ms Larke said.

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