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Another South West Community Goes Gasfield Free

SEPTEMBER 5, 2016: The community of North Boyanup in WA’s South West is about to join nearly 400 other communities across Australia in declaring themselves Gasfield Free, and have invited community members from across the region to join them for a Gasfield Free declaration day on September 18.

The Boyanup Gasfield Free Group has spent many months surveying local residents to see if they would like to declare their community gasfield free.

Spokesperson for the group Kathy Thomson said the results were overwhelmingly in favour of the community becoming gasfield free.

“Our community is bang smack in the middle of Bunbury Energy’s proposed gas lease and in declaring North Boyanup Gasfield Free we will be sending a clear message to the gas industry that it is not welcome here,” Ms Thomson said.

“We are a farming and lifestyle area made up of hard working people who love their community and their way of life and we don’t want to see that jeopardized by an industry that we do not want or need.

“Gasfields are incompatible with the agricultural industries already here.

“Our survey results, which will be revealed at the declaration day on September 18, will show that the gas industry does not have a social licence to operate in this community.”

North Boyanup will be the second community in the south west to declare itself off limits to the gas industry and follows Stratham’s Gasfield Free declaration on July 24.

 “We are inviting community members from across our region to join us in celebrating this milestone event,” Ms Thomson said.

“A number of other communities in the South west are also preparing to declare themselves Gasfield Free as the movement against fracking and the unconventional gas industry gathers strength across this region.

“We want to protect our land, our water, our health and our way of life.”

The official Gasfield Free Community Declaration will be made on September 18 at 37 Lillydale Road in North Boyanup at 11am.

Members of the public and the media are welcome to attend the event.

Further information: Jane Hammond        0403296467


Pics available on request         t:  @frackfreeWA               FB: Frack Free WA


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